Young entrepreneurs changing the culture in Baton Rouge

I came up with the idea for this story as part of my adjustment from being a student in Baton Rouge to a young, employed adult. I noticed many of the changes in this community were the result of interesting ideas coming from a younger demographic than I was used to seeing.

Often the figureheads in a city are older, mature adults with experience, so the younger crowd here really caught my attention. Baton Rouge — especially the downtown area — is undergoing a renaissance of sorts, and I see this coming from the ideas of a younger crowd.

To turn this notion into a story idea, I first went to the Census to see if the numbers had changed at all, and they did. (But trust me, wading through the thousands of pages of Census data to weed out exactly what I needed took some time.) The age group of 25-34-year-olds is undergoing some big increases, which was verified for me by LSU associate professor and demographer Troy Blanchard.

I then turned to some of those younger entrepreneurs and got their take on the changes in Baton Rouge. This story is what came next.



One comment

  1. how exciting for Baton Rouge – I’ve definitely noticed the “renaissance” transformation of downtown baton rouge and have enjoyed keeping up with the fresh energy and initiative among BR’s young adults. I live in NOLA now, but still try to stay involved as much as I can with BR!

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