A very long week

What a long week! It’s not quite over yet, either, because I’m headed in to LSU’s TEDx event this afternoon. Long, yes, but absolutely wonderful. I had the opportunity to do a few new things, like writing a review of a play and hanging out with some monster truck drivers. (Opposites, no?)

The play, John Biguenet’s “Rising Water,” is the first in a trilogy about a post-Katrina world, and even six years out of the disaster I still felt those same old feelings bubble to the top. My review, I hope, reflects that.

In hanging out with the monster truck drivers, who had a show in Baton Rouge last night and two more today, I created a video for NOLA.com. The monster trucks were in New Orleans just a week or two ago, so I wanted to cover them in a way the New Orleans reporters didn’t.

I did a quick interview with two of the drivers, then Morgan Kane, who drives the Iron Man truck, took my camera up into the cab and gave an inside look at what’s inside and what the view is like. I meshed those clips with some B-roll of the trucks driving around, because really, what’s the point unless you can hear the roar of those engines?


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