Catching up

So I’ve noticed I’ve been a little negligent of posting lately. Apologies! Festival season blew my mind with craziness.

Following a fun weekend helping out the New Orleans staff with Jazz and Heritage Festival coverage (I mainly did reviews of various shows), I had a few weeks of festival-free life until Bayou Country Superfest. There, I got to put all of the lovely little things I learned back into practice while I again planned and implemented festival coverage. This time, I did get a little extra help and a reporter from New Orleans came up, plus three extras in Baton Rouge and a photographer. I must admit, it was awfully nice having a little ways to spread the coverage-love around.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

1) Spending time as a news photographer, when a small plane crashed into a Baker, La., subdivision.

2) More photography, this time at a Kendrick Lamar concert.

3) Not technically this week, but it’ll do. I met former Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Kitty Kimball (and the first female in the state to become so) through a mutual friend, and that led to this interview catching up with Kimball in her newly-found freedom in retirement.


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